Giving In To a Daily Prompt

I’m following along with WordPress’ Blogging U program to jumpstart my blogging prowess and to provide a much needed distraction from finishing up some code for Master’s project which will never be up and running.  The code won’t work and I’m out of energy trying to debug this thing.  So I headed on over to the Daily Prompt to find something to write about.

Today’s topic… Cake.  Hm, I don’t really like cake.  But here goes nothing.  Five minutes on the clock and let’s write.  By the way, I just discovered you can enter “set a timer for 5 minutes” into the Google Chrome address bar.  Then magic happens.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.33.03 PM

So, let’s get right to my thoughts on cake.  Not a fan.  It’s fun to watch people make cakes.  I’m as much of a fan of the Cake Boss as the next guy, but I typically pass when my piece rolls on over.  There’s so much peer pressure when it comes to cake.  EAT IT OR ELSE!  Someone baked it.  Someone decorated it.  Someone delivered it.  Someone cut it.  Someone passed it out.  Then you’re left with no choice but to eat it.

What if you came to the event – retirement, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, recently paroled, whatever – and have no interest in the cake?  I go to those things to be supportive, not for desert.  For some reason this is cause for concern.

“Are you sure you don’t want a piece?” they say, “it’s chocolate…”  Or this or that.  It doesn’t matter what’s in there, I’m passing.  Same goes for ice cream.  Is it a faux pas to show up at said event and not enjoy the cake?  Does it make my appearance or support any less meaningful?  I just don’t like cake.  I’m not a huge fan of baked goods in general.  I’m still an okay person.  I still like you, I ‘d just rather you take my piece.

Thank god there’s no time to even begin to tackle the hideousness that is fruit cake.

Lastly, for a parting shot, I have to hear this 5-10 times a day which only adds to my disdain for cake.  I can only hope it stays in your head as well.


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